Xero integration

The  Xero  integration  allows  customers  to  pull  their  transactions  statements  from  Equals Money directly into their accounting software (Xero). Instead  of  manually  importing  their  transaction  data,  the  integration  syncs  customer  data seamlessly, once a day, helping customers to keep an up-to-date/real-time overview of their data.The integration simplifies reconciliation as transaction data is pushed to Xero directly.


Save time
Importing data manually takes time. The automatic bank feed frees up time for finance teams to focus on strategic work.
Error reduction
Manual data entry means human error. With the integration, data is synced automatically, removing this risk
Real-time overview
Manage cash flow in real time with instant overview of spending in one place, and eliminate manual statement reports.
Easy reconcoliation
Purchase data is pushed through Xero to match accounts effortlessly.
Step 1

The account Owner or  Primary  Owner must  set  up  the integration.  select  the  new  option  in  Account  settings  called  “Annotations  & integrations”.
Step 2

Once  in  this  page,  you  can  follow  the  onscreen  instructions,  which include granting Equals Money access to Xero data, and linking both accounts.
Step 3

Create a bank account in Xero to represent each currency they use within Equals Money. This will be automated in the next iteration of the integration.