Terms & conditions

Device payments

These terms apply to Equals Money cards beginning with the digits 5373 or 5496.

These terms are in addition to the terms and conditions of Equals Services and policies. You will also be subject to the specific wallets own terms and conditions and policies.


When using your wallet it is important to keep your device safe and secure. Do not share the passcode or other security details of your device with anyone else and only register your own fingerprint or face for biometric recognition.

If your device is lost or stolen, block your device through your wallet and get in touch with us immediately. Where possible log into your Equals account and block your Equals card on another device.

If you believe your security details have been compromised, change them immediately and check the balance and statement of your Equals card.

We recommend checking your card statement on a regular basis and using the option to block your card as soon as possible if you notice any unrecognised activity. If this is the case, contact us immediately.

If you change your device, delete all relevant security and financial information from the old device.

How does it work?

Your wallet allows you to make purchases from merchants or in-app using your device by storing a virtual representation of your Equals card.

Use your wallet wherever you see the contactless or device payment icons by holding your device near the reader and verifying the purchase.

Please note that some contactless terminals may allow you to make transactions above the contactless limit and when using your card for contactless payments on TfL, facial recognition or fingerprint recognition may not be needed.

You need to register your card for device payment within your wallet app and you may need to complete security verification.

If we replace your Equals card you will need to update your wallet with the new card information.

How to stop using Device Payments

If you no longer wish to use your Equals card for device payments, you must remove it from your wallet.

Equals' Right to remove the use of Device Payments

Equals reserves the right to remove your use of device payments at any time. We will, if possible, tell you why, however, we will not notify you if it would be unlawful for us to do so.


There are no additional fees for using your wallet, however some network provider fees could apply.

For Account Owners

If you do not wish to enrol your company or any of your company cards for device payments you can stipulate this in your Equals account settings, or contact us.

Equals will not accept financial liability if purchases are made using your wallet after you have opted out.

Last updated 01.06.2022