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The UK’s first Nigerian tapas, meet Chuku’s

Looking to embrace going cashless in their North London restaurant, brother and sister, Emeka & Ifeyinwa, introduced Equals Money cards to make the way they manage their restaurant’s spending simpler. Here’s how they made it happen.

Equals Money cards have allowed Chuku’s to stop relying on cash when it comes to their team’s expenses, giving them tighter control of budgets.
Whether staff are using their cards to buy ingredients for the colourful menu or decor for the even more colourful restaurant, Emeka & Ifeyinwa have total control and visibility.
It was a long journey for the siblings to make their dream a reality, and with so many moving parts, knowing their finances were taken care of alleviated some of the stress.

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Having the card just means that we can keep track of our spending, where it’s going. Our team don’t even have to send us a message, we literally just get the notification and we top up the card. It’s that simple.

Emeka & Ifeyinwa Frederick

Founders, Chuku’s
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