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Take control with card top-up requests, annotations, and receipt capture
Eliminate spreadsheets and manual processes for added convenience
Ensure the security of your funds with individual cards that you can pause
3.5% cashback in the UK and great rates abroad add value to team spending
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The Equals Money account

Serving tea globally, meet Ahmad Tea

The Equals Money account makes it easy for Ahmad Tea to manage their expenses so they can continue to sell their products worldwide.

Using their Equals Money cards and online platform wherever they are, Ahmad Tea is able to sell their products in over 90 countries.
With employees working all over the world, control and accountability gives them one less thing to worry about.
The security of their Equals Money account gives Ahmad Tea the financial freedom to grow and continue to develop their products.

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Since we started back in 2007 we’ve helped a wide range of businesses, from global sports teams to local charity groups, save time and money on their business finances.

The mobile platform is excellent - [we] can use it wherever [we] are. From a sort of control and accountability point of view, it’s second to none. We’ve got much better insights.

James Clark

Director of Finance, Ahmad Tea
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